Fast food fails: What you see is definitely not what you get


If you’ve ever driven straight to your favorite fast food restaurant after seeing an ad on TV or online, you’ll be able to relate to these fast food fails. 

As it turns out, sometimes your order looks nothing like those slick ads!

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Fast food advertisements vs. reality 

NBC News visited Taco Bell, Burger King, McDonald’s and Subway to compare the items they ordered to the pictures used to promote them, and the results were certainly mixed. 

Taco Bell – The Quesalupa featured in the report looked very similar to the commercial, which had lots of melted cheese.

Burger King – After ordering the Angriest Whopper, there was no reason to be angry. The burger looked a lot like the picture, leaving the reporter “impressed.”

McDonald’s – Not as good of news at McDonald’s. The Big Mac they ordered did not measure up to the commercial. It was much flatter and looked dry.

Subway – This is where things really got bad. In the commercial, the meatballs were so big they nearly spilled out of the Meatball Marinara. But in real life, you couldn’t even see the meatballs until you opened the sandwich.

According to a Consumer Reports survey, nearly everyone eats fast food and more than half do so at least once a week.

While some of the bigger chains are currently offering meal deals for $5 or less, Consumer Reports said people were not impressed with McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC and Taco Bell. Overall, diners gave fast food restaurants higher scores for customer service than the actual food.


Using the hashtag #fastfoodfail, people have been venting their frustrations over the quality of the fast food they buy, sometimes offering their own side-by-side comparisons to ads.

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The best advice: If you’re not satisfied with how your food turned out, politely ask for them to make you a new one. If you have any fast food fails to share, let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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