Dr. Pepper pitches diet beverage to men


In a world where most men won’t touch anything labeled “diet,” some savvy marketers have come up with a way to pitch a calorie-restricted soft drink to guys.

Following in the footsteps of Coke Zero and Pepsi Max, Dr. Pepper has a new diet drink called Ten that’s geared to men. The 10-calorie drink is packaged in a gun metal gray can decorated with silver bullets. The ads feature the tagline: “It’s not for women.” We’ll see if men can handle being manipulated this way!

I think about the VW Beetle and its reputation as a “chick car.” VW is now trying to reorient the car’s image to be a “man’s car.”

Marketers know that can be a daunting task. Years ago, a female friend of ours wanted a Beetle convertible. At the time, I suggested other convertibles to her because of reliability issues with Beetles. But it did no good. Her image as a woman was all tied up in getting that Beetle with a flower on the dashboard!

Marketers are talented and will try to appeal to you on an emotional level. But I want you to make decisions that work for you and your wallet — not necessarily theirs.  

Clark Deals
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