Dollar stores now have bigger presence than drugstore chains


The dollar stores not only trump the big drug store chains on price, they may soon challenge them when it comes to convenience too.

Taken collectively, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar now have 1,300 more stores across the country than CVS, Rite-Aid and Walgreens.

Adding to the convenience, Dollar General is reportedly putting in two aisles of OTC meds, according to Florida’s Sun Sentinel. Dollar stores usually sell medications for about one third the cost of the big drug store chains, based on my comparison shopping.

In addition, Deals, which is a spinoff chain owned by Dollar Tree, is experimenting with actual pharmacies where you can get your prescription filled right in the dollar store.

So now you can get all the stuff you want for convenience at lower prices than the big drug store chains. In addition, many dollar stores have extended hours and are open virtually every day of the year. Save your money!

Clark Deals
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