New retail cameras help you find the right fit


New digital cameras could be in your dressing room, but they’re not there as theft deterrents. They’re actually there to help you get the best fit from the clothes you’re buying!

An article I read in Consumer Reports notes that Bloomingdale’s is using a Bodymetrics scanner at their Stanford Mall location in Palo Alto, Calif.

“The scanner actually goes beyond simple data collection and takes 100 measurements of your body to create a 3D model to prescribe the most flattering fit from among premium-priced jeans such as AG, J Brand, Hudson, and 7 For All Mankind,” the article notes.

“Your personal body map is accessible to you via any Internet device. Bodymetrics expects to deploy more units later this year.”

We’re just at the beginning of this new technology that’s aimed to help manufacturers and retailers avoid returns. Why? Because their inventory is so seasonal and if somebody buys something today and returns it a month or two from now, they retailer may have to eat that lose by heavily discounting the returned merchandise.

Clark Deals
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