Dietitians popping up in more supermarkets


More and more supermarket chains are putting registered dietitians in their stores, according to The New York Times.

A small Midwest chain called Hy-Vee has 190 full-time dietitians in its more than 200 locations to help people learn how to eat better. The dietitians instruct shoppers on healthy alternatives for those on restricted diets, and what kind of healthy meals the average person can prepare without too much trouble.

I love it because it’s enlightened self-interest and can build real loyalty for the stores.

Dietitians tend to do consultation sessions with shoppers that last maybe 30 or 60 minutes, and then they walk around the store with you to show you things that would be healthy for you to eat. They teach you how to assemble your own quick serve meals that are healthier than eating out.

The idea is to educate and empower shoppers to give them the tools they need to eat better. It’s not just a feel good thing for the supermarket chains, either. This makes them money, which gives it some legs.

So if fixing your nutrition is one of your goals in life, take advantage of these opportunities as they present themselves in a supermarket near you.

Clark Deals
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