Coupon Policy Gets Tighter at Publix


One of the nation’s most highly respected grocers is clamping down on extreme couponing.

During the depths of the recession, extreme couponing became all the rage. It got to the point that you couldn’t turn on the TV or go to the grocery store without witnessing extreme couponing.

Sure, buying $200 worth of groceries for $6 sounds great, right? But most people don’t have a part-time job’s worth of spare time in which to clip coupons each week. Nor do they always want what the coupons are offering.

Publix restricts extreme couponing

Publix is a Southeastern grocery chain that’s in 6 states. They’re routinely ranked as the top pick in the American Customer Satisfaction Index. And because of the market share they command, they’re very influential.

Now Publix is instituting a one-two punch to fight extreme couponing. First, their new policy caps customers at 8 of the same coupon for the same item per household per shopping trip. Second, they’re going to enforce the definition of  a household. So you’ll no longer be able to go with a spouse or a child and split up a transaction between both of you to maximize coupons.

Don’t forget about others ways to save

I believe the whole extreme couponing thing was more a commentary on where we were during the Great Recession rather than a new way of life people were going to adopt forever.  

Want other ways to save money without going coupon crazy? Don’t overlook these options:

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