Will Costco’s Kirkland Signature toilet paper ruin your plumbing?


You may have seen a post going around Facebook warning you about flushing Costco toilet paper down your toilet because it supposedly isn’t biodegradable and will clog your system.

Well, we want to get to the *ahem* bottom of this issue.

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The truth about Costco toilet paper

Back in early 2016, the following Facebook post started circulating and has since racked up more than 26,000 shares.

facebook costco toilet paper post

Then just this week, the same basic post began making the rounds again on Facebook, according to Snopes.com.

Here’s the straight scoop: First off, you’ll note that this post pertains to septic systems, not public sewers. The most recent data available suggests that the number of households not connected to a municipal system is only around 20%.

So, the premise of the Facebook post doesn’t even apply to four of our five Americans.

Second, a representative from Roto-Rooter tells Snopes that all toilet paper is designed to degrade in agitated water. That means all brands are essentially safe.

“No brand of toilet paper that Roto-Rooter is aware of can cause a clog inside a properly maintained, modern drainpipe or residential sewer,” the rep writes.


If you are concerned about toilet paper backing up in your pipes, consider using single-ply toilet paper rather than double-ply sheets. The former will dissolve more easily than the latter no matter if you have a septic tank or if you’re hooked up to a public sewer.

Meanwhile, on the question of price, it is true that Kirkland Signature is among the cheapest rolls you can buy.

Consumer Reports says it costs only 13 cents per 100 sheets, according to its most recent toilet paper ratings. Though we should note it only scores a 37 out of 100 on the magazine’s scale.

If you want a really cheap roll, Scott 1000 is just 9 cents per 100 sheets. But it’s also the lowest-ranked toilet paper on the tally.

The winner of the Consumer Reports study is White Cloud Ultra Soft and Thick. At 25 cents per 100 sheets, White Cloud got a high score of 77 based on softness, strength, disintegration and tearing ease.

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