Controversial ‘no tip’ customer seeks out bartender, literally gives him gold


SEATTLE — A Seattle bartender got an infamous card last month in place of a tip.

“Why I don’t tip in Seattle,” read the card which had an explainer, along with a red line through the word “tip.”

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Customer offers up all that glitters

After the server’s story aired on KIRO-TV, thousands of people from around the world commented. The man who left the tip card wanted to contact the server again to give him a piece of gold worth an estimated $130.

The anonymous diner sent KIRO-TV a note sealed with a thumbprint to give to the server, Anthony Fetto. He enclosed $20 for the time that it would take to track him down.

“If you have contact information, would you please send this letter, card and gratuity to Mr. Fetto,” the anonymous letter read. The diner also included his email address so Fetto could contact him.

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KIRO-TV delivered the sealed letter to Fetto on Tuesday night, and also gave him the $20. The note read:

Dear Anthony,

I wanted to reach out and say thank you. Thank you for your excellent service as a waiter. Thank you for being one of the few people that actually understands at least part of the reason behind the card explaining “Why I do not tip in Seattle.” As you said, it is about choice. And thank you for your part in opening a dialogue regarding the subject.  For that you have earned my gratitude and for that reason please accept this gold coin as payment for that service.

This is not has never been about waiters and their pay. I make no apology for the method or the message. It is about pointing out the unintended consequences of a socialists City Council that attempts to legislate income inequality without the requirement of the equality of effort or worth. It is not about you or your coworkers as they too are victims of (socialist) economics.

As for explaining this while you are at your job doing work, it was not the proper venue to engage you in that kind of dialogue.

I wish you good fortune in your studies and life. May you enjoy all the benefits that you earn through your struggle and effort.


A. N. Individual

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Clark Deals
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