Clark’s Black Friday price point predictions


Consumers and retailers alike are not as fired up as they used to be about Black Friday. That doesn’t mean there won’t be deals, but it does mean you’ll have to strategically know how to find them!

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Black Friday predictions

You might think that for every year we move deeper into the digital age, retail becomes all about online.

But online retailing today only accounts for about 9% of all retail sales. That’s expected to rise to 20% by 2023, but we’re not there yet.

This Black Friday is going to have a dual nature: It’s going to be about waiting in line for doorbuster specials, but it’s also going to be about people shopping online and picking items up later that day in the stores.

So with some retailers closing on Thanksgiving, you should expect to see a lot of deals on Black Friday itself. Clark says he gets up on Black Friday and shops online instead of going to stores because there are so many offers of free shipping.

When it comes to doorbusters, Clark is expecting to see off-brand 42-inch HDTVs for $100-$125. But the sweetest spot in the market is a 55-inch screen. Look for those at $200+ to $300+. Most people are thrilled with a 55-inch TV.

For laptops, you’ll see off-brands at $100, which is an impulse buy kind of price. The best deals on those kinds of laptops have typically been at Walmart. But every electronics store will have laptops for $149-$199. Check places like Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, etc.

This year, the best-selling laptop is a ChromeBook. Look for discontinued models around $79. Really nice models will be $129-$200+. These can be great for a kid.

As for iPads, Clark thinks the iPad Mini will price out around $149, but that is just a rough estimate rather than a firm rule.


One word of caution: Be careful with fitness trackers and smart watches. There will be deals on past models or discontinued models that may not be compatible with newer technology. But if they fit your life, then grab one.

Ditto for the ultra cheap laptops. The only time you wouldn’t want a $99 laptop is if you’re a gamer.

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