Canning your own food reduces your grocery bill


Americans are more versatile and adaptable than we’re given credit for. Some of us who have been forced to get by on less have even taken to planting and gardening to grow our own food!

But what do you do if you have a bumper crop in your backyard? One option is to can your own fruits or vegetables. Dow Jones reports that sales of canning equipment are up 30 percent this year. is one web resource for canning devotees.

Most people, however, won’t make the effort to practice the dying art of canning. That’s why Clark says being smarter about how we buy our groceries is important.

Buying the store brand instead of the name brand — a practice known as brand substitution — can really help fatten your wallet.

Changing where you shop can also be important. Aldi prides itself on offering shoppers the opportunity to save up to 40 percent on a typical grocery bill.

Beyond that, you can also use to learn free coupon strategies that will help maximize your savings each time you shop.

Note: This segment originally aired in November 2009

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