Here’s your Black Friday Shopping Strategy tracker!


It’s the biggest day for deals: Black Friday! Hopefully, you can shop with no regrets because EVERYTHING you buy will be on sale!

Tips to plan your Black Friday shopping list

This handy shopping list can help you plan your day so you get everything you need while staying under budget. Here’s how it works:

  • Print the Shopping Strategy checklist
  • Find the best deals and write down the items
  • Include the price so you can check the sale at the store and stay on-budget
  • Decide who you are buying an item for (even yourself) so you’re focused during the Black Friday chaos
  • Note the time the store opens and plan your day by open hours so you don’t miss a deal

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Shopaholics, enjoy your well-planned shopping day! Not sure where to start? You can find all of the best Black Friday deals here.

Download the Black Friday shopping strategy PDF!

Black Friday shopping strategy
Black Friday shopping strategy

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