8 big changes coming to J.C. Penney in 2017


J.C. Penney has been much in the news this year. You’ve probably heard about the 138 locations being shut down by the chain.

It’s a rough time for retail all around as many mall stores struggle to remain profitable. That’s a well-documented story.

But there’s more happening in the world of “Jacques Penné” — as its aficionados like to call it — than just shuttered stores.

And it’s not all bad!

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Here’s what’s new at J.C. Penney

If you’re a fan of this veteran retailer, you’ll want to know about these developments”¦

The store closures are being pushed off for a bit

Liquidation sales were originally slated to begin April 17 at the 138 stores on the chopping block. But they didn’t end up starting until May 22.

The actual store closures, meanwhile, have been pushed back to July 31.

The reason? People suddenly started shopping these stores again! Get more details here.

The Sephora unit is adding new offerings

When it’s time to get your glamour on, look no further than the Sephora location inside your local J.C. Penney store.


There are always new products for sale the beauty counter. The latest additions include brands such as Living Proof, DryBar and Bumble and bumble, among many others.

The loyalty program is being revamped

Taking a page from the book of Kohls, J.C. Penney is rethinking its loyalty program and throwing more rewards “cash” at frequent shoppers.

First up, customers can now double-dip on rewards by earning both Beauty Insider points at the Sephora counter alongside traditional Penney rewards.

Second, JCP is doing away with limits on how many $10 rewards you can earn in a month for every $200 spent. They’re also letting you roll the rewards over from month-to-month (up to 60 days) instead of letting them expire every 30 days.

It’s an attempt to emulate the popular Kohl’s Cash program that’s been so successful for the chain’s competitor.

The store’s salons are rebranding and renovating

Did you know J.C. Penney has salons? Yes, it’s true! You can get a cut or a color at 750 in-store salon locations across the country.

Fifty of those 750 salons are undergoing a rebrand and renovation this year. They’re now operating under The Salon By InStyle® banner.

The company notes that you’ll see “updated graphics, trend photography, accent lighting, modern fixtures and sleek furniture” in the rebooted salons.

You can book your next appointment online at JCPenney.com or via the JCPenney mobile app.

J.C. Penney wants to help remodel your home

In an effort to develop new revenue streams, J.C. Penney has a pilot program of home remodeling services in about 100 stores across six markets.


On offer will be “turn-key services for heating and cooling systems, bathroom remodeling, quick ship and installed blinds, whole home water solutions and awnings, as well as easy-to-install smart home devices,” according to the company.

Visit JCPenneyHomeServices.com for more info.

Look for a big push on toys

J.C. Penney is getting ready for the holiday season with the announcement that new toy shops will open in all locations.

Brands like Hasbro, Mattel, Playmobil and Fisher Price will be featured, among many others.

Look for the new toy shops in the children’s department near the Disney Collection section.

You can now shop beneath the swoosh

There’s a new partnership in place with Nike to give greater emphasis to activewear across the chain.

Some 600 J.C. Penney locations now have Nike Shops — each one featuring 500 square feet of dedicated space with apparel and accessories from the leading sports clothing brand.

“Motivating graphics of athletes adorn the shop walls and updated fixtures, combined with dedicated mannequins, present the merchandise in an inspiring light,” J.C. Penney writes in a press release. 

Just look in the men’s department for the iconic Nike swoosh hanging above the shop!

Are you a hair stylist? You may want to work for J.C. Penney!

J.C. Penney is on the hunt for 4,000 stylists, colorists, skin estheticians, nail technicians, massage therapists, salon managers and educators to join the team at store salons.


To attract talent, there will be no booth rental fees and stylists can set their own hours and pricing.

That’s in addition to regular J.C. Penney employee perks like paid artistic training, full-time health benefits, paid time off and 401(k) eligibility!

J.C. Penney says that qualified applicants who have experience and an established customer base will be fast-tracked to positions like master stylist, artistic lead designer or salon manager.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, visit a local JCPenney salon or JCPCareers.com for more info.

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