Why Clark says this is the best time of the year to find deals


Fancy yourself a bargain hunter? If so, this is your week to get some amazing sales, according to money expert Clark Howard.

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Clark: ‘Intense’ deals from January 6 moving forward

When it comes to deal-hunting, Clark is really into the idea of you zigging while others zag.

So what does that mean? Simple: If you’re looking for deals at a time when deal-hunting is yesterday’s news, you’re likely to score some big savings.

Now that the holidays are over, the real bargain hunters start looking for deals. Excess supply coupled with the fact that no one else has shopping on their radar adds up to big savings.

As an example, Clark bought a life-sized nutcracker doll named Rex in early January last year — marked down from $249 to $99 at Sam’s Club!

“The deals become so intense the second week of January on,” the consumer champ says. “That’s because anything left over with the online sellers or physical stores has to be moved at a time when people aren’t really into shopping.”

Even though the deals are out there, it can be a task to find and identify them all.

But no worries, we’ve got you covered with a team of deal diggers who work around the clock seven days a week to find the best bargains for you.

You can keep up with it all at ClarkDeals.com or sign up to get our daily deals newsletter. That way, you can take advantage of both the deals that hang around for a while and the ones that are only around for a day or two, at most.


“The key thing is for you to know when something really is a deal. We don’t just bulletin board-list the items that go on sale. We curate,” Clark says of ClarkDeals.com.

“Before we tell you about something, we have to really believe in our heart and our head that it is a real deal for your wallet.”

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