The Best Time and Place To Buy Cheap Headphones

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Headphones are sometimes difficult to shop for because there are so many choices. And the prices range from just $1 to $100 or more. So how do you know which cheap headphones are worth investing in? 

Our team at has been on the lookout for cheap, quality headphone deals since 2016. I recently looked back over 375 headphone deals we’ve posted in the last six years to see when and where we’ve found the absolute best prices for the most reliable sets.

Where To Buy Cheap Headphones

In order to avoid wasting money on poor quality headphones that break easily, be sure to purchase them from a reputable source that displays clear customer feedback. 

When shopping online, it’s always smart to read reviews on a product and check the trustworthiness of those reviews using a website such as Fakespot. Even if you’re planning to purchase in-store, take the time to do your research and see what others are saying before buying anything.

Here’s where we’ve found the best budget headphones from legitimate vendors.

Number of cheap headphones deals posted from each store since 2016 based on data from

It’s not hard to see that you’re more likely to find a great deal on headphones at eBay or Amazon. Those sites also offer easy access to customer feedback, seller ratings and clearly outlined return policies, which can save you money in the long run. 

The Top Five Places To Buy Headphones:

Woot and Meh also offer quite a few great deals online, but these deals are often one-day-only, which means you’ll need to be diligent and check prices often in order to score these deals! 

When it comes to shopping in-store, Best Buy is a great bet. You can often find one-day rebates, promotions and markdowns on quality headphones that are available for free in-store pickup. 

Just be sure to compare prices, using a tool like Google Shopping, before making your final purchase. That way, you can ensure you’re getting the best deal available at the time. 

When To Get the Best Deals on Headphones

Depending on your needs, headphones can be a pricey investment. Whether you’re looking for the best price on high-end headphones or simply trying to avoid spending more than necessary to replace your cheap earbuds, it’s worth taking the time to watch prices and read reviews.


Here’s how many headphone deals we’ve found on average each month at since 2016: 

Number of cheap headphones deals posted each month since 2016 based on data from

As you can see, a few months stand out above the rest. We’ve seen a lot of great deals posted around March. At the beginning of the year, new models are typically released which means you’ll be able to find great deals on cheap headphones.

Amazon Prime Day is celebrated in July, which means you’ll see a surge of cheap headphones from Amazon and competing retailers both online and in-store. Another good time to score a great price on quality headphones is around Labor Day in September. Again, just be sure to read the reviews and know what you’re paying for ahead of time. 

Of course, it’s always a great idea to check Black Friday ads for headphones and earbuds. You’ll likely find great holiday deals on technology beginning in November.

Best Headphones Deals Right Now

See more deals here.

Final Thoughts

The best way to get a great deal on quality headphones is to read customer reviews, avoid overpaying for unnecessary features and ensure you’re getting the best price available. 

You’re more likely to find the most discounts around holidays like Amazon Prime Day, Labor Day and Black Friday as well as the beginning of the year. 

Choose reputable retailers to purchase from and familiarize yourself with the company’s return policy. We recommend shopping around at eBay, Amazon, Woot, Meh, Best Buy and Newegg to find the best quality for the lowest price. 

More Ways To Save: 

  • Compare prices. Use a tool like Google Shopping just in case the item you want is available somewhere else at a better price! Be sure to also watch prices over time so that you’ll recognize a great deal when one comes up.
  • Check for online deals, promo codes and rebates. You can sign up for the newsletter for the best daily deals and discounts available including headphones and other electronics.
  • Don’t always splurge for the latest model or most popular trend. Know what you need with your headphones and spend time researching quality instead of spending money on the latest trend or top model that includes unnecessary features.
  • Check the quality and reviews of headphones before purchasing. Know what others are saying about the headphones you’re about to purchase in order to avoid having to replace them a short time later.

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