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I talk a lot on my radio show and website about how to take a disposable razor blade and make it last 12 months. Doing that has become commonplace for me for years now, and I love the money I’m saving!

But recently during a public appearance, a woman came up to me and said, ‘Why do you only talk about razors for guys? What about us women?’

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Here are some of the best blades for women

Consumer Reports took a close look at women’s shaving blades. They had a panel of 18 women shave their legs with a variety of razors and the results are a stunner: Every razor they checked had the same quality!

There was no difference from the cheapest (CVS 6-Blade Razor at 80 cents) to the most expensive blades (the Gillette Venus Embrace, followed by Schick Intuition Plus Sensitive Care and the Schick Quattro for Women; all priced right around $4 a pop).

That price difference is shocking to me. You can buy five of the CVS blades for what you’d pay for one of the Schicks or Gillettes! Or to put it another way, the CVS blade is one-fifth the cost of the ones from the industry bigs!

Here’s a bit more advice for the ladies: Do not leave your razor sitting in the shower. It’s the moisture from the shower — not the actual act of shaving — that will destroy the blade over time. I want you to take that additional step of drying it off and setting it somewhere else in the bathroom away from moisture.

Using that combination of buying the store brand and drying it each time, you may cut the cost of shaving to one-fiftieth of what’s it’s been for you, not just one-fifth!

However, I understand my whole thing with drying the razor is more OCD than most people want to be. So for everyone else, there’s a service called

This razor club for men and women will put you on a monthly subscription plan and send you a new razor each month. There’s a $1/month razor plan, a $6/month plan and a $9/month plan. It lets you lock in low costs without having to dry the blade after each use like me.


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