The best days of the week for buying certain items


What’s the best day of the week to buy things to save money? That’s really a riddle because it depends on what you’re buying. I want to share some advice to help you plan your week by knowing which items are best to buy on which particular day.

Smart Money  magazine has done some research and come up with the following list. Use it and you can score the best deals on everything from big-ticket items like cars to single-digit items like clothes.

  • Sunday – Groceries, personal care items and appliances
  • Monday – Electronics and cars (the biggest volume of sales is done Thursday through Sunday, so you can score a deal on this off day)
  • Tuesday – Airfares (there’s been some debate as to if Wednesday is better than Tuesday for this, but not according to the Smart Money tally)
  • Wednesday – N/A
  • Thursday – Clothes (the sales generally run Thursday through the weekend but shop early for better selection)
  • Friday – N/A
  • Saturday – Books

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