The best buys of winter


Kiplinger Magazine
compiles a list of the best deals each season. So what’s a great buy in the middle of winter?

Here’s one you might not have considered: Marriage! So many people want to say “I do” in June, that everything related to the wedding industry is on sale in January!

What else? Everyone knows about the “white” sales on linens, towels, and home goods right after the holidays. Even though everyone hibernates at home in winter, this is when you get the bargains. Go figure.

I do most of my gift shopping for the upcoming year in January. Everything’s a steal: Wrapping paper, bows, gift bags, and the gifts that go in them. Especially the “last minute” gifts that retailers are clearing out, such as belts, ties, perfume, etc. By January 10, those items could be up to 90% off!

Furniture is a deal all year round right now, as is carpet, since people aren’t buying homes right now. Warehouse clubs in particular have great furniture prices in winter.

Unsold video games go on huge clearance in January. Expect to pay 50% or more less than what you’d have paid in December.

Here’s one big exception to the January sale rule: electronics. Wait for better sales on those to come later in the year.

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