The best and worst supermarket chains in America


A tally of supermarkets in the U.S. names a Northeastern regional chain as the best grocery store in the nation!

Best grocery store chains in the U.S.

Consumer Reports has crunched the data and found Wegmans to be the top pick. For those who are not familiar with Wegmans, this is a store that has been consistently adored throughout the years by people who shop there.

In second place, we have a 2-way tie between Publix, the Florida-based regional grocer, and Trader Joe’s, a national chain that has gained massive popularity in recent years. Trader Joe’s a real crowd pleaser and distinguishes itself by doing natural and organic food for less money than a competitor like Whole Foods.

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In fourth place, we have another tie between Fareway and Market Basket. The Top 10 is rounded out by Costco, Raley’s, Sprouts, Fresh Market and Stater Bros.

Ratings are based on 63,000 responses to the Consumer Reports’ 2014 Supermarket Survey, reflecting 111,000 shopping trips between March 2013 and July 2014. That is a massive amount of data they’re crunching!

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3-way tie for worst in the nation

Who is not doing a good job? There’s a 3-way tie between A&P, Waldbaum’s, and Walmart for worst place to buy groceries in America!

What people don’t like about all 3 is the produce, meats, and the bakery. Walmart is working very hard on trying to change organizationally how they run their supermarkets. They are also trying to work on cleanliness and employee attitude. To that end, they’re raising pay rates and rolling out a reasonable sick leave policy. We’ll see if it raises their profile on customer satisfaction reports in the future…

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