Be wary of blogger reviews of products


The next time you’re looking for car reviews on the Internet, there’s a very compelling reason why you might not want to trust the influential auto bloggers.

Bloomberg reports a BMW marketing campaign that focused on getting bloggers to hype their products boosted sales by $110 million.

With the marketing campaign, BMW gave auto enthusiast bloggers cars to drive. Well, guess what happened? The bloggers loved the cars! And even if they didn’t, they probably softened what they wrote because they wanted to get more cars to try in the future.

People who love the nerdy side of cars can’t enough of these blogs. BMW realized their power. The other automakers are almost certain to follow this marketing model of using bloggers to create sales.

But remember this: They’re not Consumer Reports! They’re people who are predisposed to love cars, they’re given cars to drive and they would like another to drive later. So take their advice almost like a fan site rather than impartial info to help you make a buying decision.

Clark Deals
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