What is Green Monday???


Just when you thought all of the bargains and discounts had tapered off for the Christmas season, another (sort of) official sales holiday is in store for shoppers: Green Monday.

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In its short history, Green Monday has become known as the second-best day to shop online for electronics and other household gadgets, behind Cyber Monday, which had record sales this year. Of course, retailers are still doing what they can to lure you back inside the stores.

After all, the key to the success of the period from Black Friday through Cyber Monday was more than just the price tags, Matthew Shay, President/ CEO of the National Retail Federation (NRF), said in a statement. “All the fundamentals were in place for consumers to take advantage of incredible deals and promotions retailers had to offer. From good weather across the country to low unemployment and strong consumer confidence, the climate was right, literally and figuratively, for consumers to tackle their holiday shopping lists online and in stores.”

And now, Green Monday is upon us. But first, what exactly is Green Monday and how did it come to be?

What is Green Monday?

Historically the second Monday in December, Green Monday is touted by some of the biggest retailers in the business — from Amazon to Walmart, Macy’s and more — as an extension of Cyber Monday, but with refreshed deals and products in stock.

The “Green” in Green Monday is a little ambiguous as to its origin, but it most likely is a nod to the color of money — which has flowed into the coffers of retailers like never before this holiday season. Amazon, Kohl’s and other companies have already reported record sales either in stores or online in the period from after Halloween just past Thanksgiving.

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Furthermore, Green Monday is a way for consumers and stores alike to cap off the year’s busiest shopping season, especially as the holiday shipping deadline approaches.

“Historically Green Monday has been one of the biggest shopping days of the year for eBay,” Scott Cutler, senior vice president of eBay Americas, said in a news release. “We see a sense of urgency from shoppers to check people off their lists during this time of the year.


When did Green Monday begin?

The day we now know as Green Monday was coined by online marketplace eBay about a decade ago, according to historical accounts online. (For reference, Cyber Monday traces its roots back to a Shop.org article in 2005). The earliest reference we could find was in 2007, when a PC World story identified the day as one which eBay’s research indicated would be a heavy one for e-commerce sales.

For perspective, this was the same year the iPhone debuted, but before many companies optimized mobile webpages, especially for shopping. Back then, people almost exclusively ordered via PC and waited for the delivery person to bring their package.

That PC World article highlighted that digital sales that third Monday in December hit $881 million, a 33% jump from the previous year — and retailers took notice. But Green Monday didn’t immediately catch fire. Two years later in 2009, ComScore.com reported that shoppers spent $854 million on Green Monday, which was described then as “disappointing.”

Judging by Cyber Monday’s $6.59 billion tally, according to the research firm Adobe Analytics, Green Monday figures to be a windfall for retailers. In fact, holiday retail sales across both November and December are expected to jump about 4% to $682 billion, according to the Los Angeles Times, citing estimates from the NRF.

Where are the Green Monday sales?

So by now you may be asking, “Where are all these deals?” Green Monday sales are expected to become more visible in the coming days. Many retailers are using the day in their ads, where multiple products are presented in a grid. For instance, Walmart’s Green Monday ad is promoting a 50-inch Vizio TV for $398, a $200 savings.

eBay, for its part, says it will celebrate Green Monday’s 10th anniversary by launching new deals every hour on a range of goods.

Fear you’ll miss out on the sales? Our sister site ClarkDeals.com will keep you abreast of all the Green Monday specials in the days ahead.

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