Here are the best and worst retailers for customer satisfaction


The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) has released its annual review of the retail industry — and Walmart has earned pretty much the lowest opinion possible from U.S. consumers. And in fact, the results reveal that shoppers aren’t too impressed with the retail industry in general.

The world’s largest retailer earned the lowest score among all department stores, supermarkets and personal care retailers. In fact, Walmart ranked dead last in every category for which it was scored, based on interviews conducted with more than 9,000 customers in November and December. If there’s good news for the company, it’s that one specialty retailer — ranked in an index in which Walmart was not included — managed to get an even lower score than Walmart. And that was Abercrombie & Fitch (cue the obnoxiously loud music).

On another note about the specialty retailer rankings, Costco tied for first in overall customer satisfaction — which Clark would likely say shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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Customer satisfaction not looking too good

In the department and discount stores index, Walmart got a 66 (out of 100) — eight points lower than the industry average and five points lower than the closest score on the list, held by Sears. But Walmart isn’t the only retailer struggling in this category. Actually, not a single store improved its score from the previous year — with Macy’s seeing the biggest drop in customer satisfaction.

“Macy’s is in a tough spot as it tries to figure out how to best allocate resources between storefront and online channel,” said ACSI Managing Director David VanAmburg in a statement. “Closing stores and reducing workforce might help the bottom line in the short term, but only at the expense of customer satisfaction, which could create problems in the long term.”

The supermarkets industry isn’t wowing consumers either. In this category, while Walmart tied for last with Giant Eagle, Target and Whole Foods both saw significant decreases in scores compared to the previous year — with Target dropping 10 points and Whole Foods losing eight points.

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Here’s a look at the survey’s ratings of department and discount stores, ranked from top to bottom, along with each company’s score:

1. Nordstrom (82)


2. Dillard’s (80)

3. Fred Meyer (79)

4. All others (79)

5. Belk (77)

6. Kohl’s (77)


7. Dollar Tree (76)

8. Meijer (76)

9. Target (75)

10. Dollar General (74)

11. J.C. Penney (74)


12. Ross (74)

13. Macy’s (73)

14. Sears (71)

15. Walmart (66)

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