Amazon’s new instant pickup service launches near college campuses


Amazon’s new service could make quick pickups a lot easier on you.

Amazon launches instant pickup locations

Amazon lockers already exist in select places around the country, particularly on college campuses and in convenience stores, malls and grocery stores. Now, some of these lockers are being transformed into Amazon instant pickup kiosks.

Instant pickup means your order could be in a locker in as little as two minutes — perfect if you want to run and grab a snack or forgot a phone charger on a trip.

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Just five locations near college campuses are becoming instant pickup locations as of now, but as many as 22 more are expected to pop up as early as next week, according to CNN Tech. Right now, instant pickup is available in Atlanta, Georgia; Los Angeles and Berkeley, Califorinia; Columbus, Ohio and College Park, Md.

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Even with this added convenience, shoppers should beware of impulse buying while using this feature — just as when you’re walking around a grocery store or popping into a gas station.

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