Should you sign up for Amazon Prime before Prime Day 2019?

Should you sign up for Amazon Prime before Prime Day 2019?
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Amazon Prime Day has become one of the most popular shopping days of the year.

Legitimate deals on clothes, electronics and other popular household items make Prime Day a formidable retail holiday. But if you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you miss out on it. Should you join the loyalty program just to take advantage of the deals?

Should you join Amazon Prime to get Prime Day 2019 deals?

If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you may feel a little FOMO from sitting on the sidelines during this shopping extravaganza.

Money expert Clark Howard says other retailers — and by extension, non-Prime members — benefit big-time from Prime Day.

“Prime Day creates this frenzy,” he says. “All the retailers actually love that Amazon Prime exists because for them also it creates false demand at a time of year that there wouldn’t be any.”

Those other retailers typically also put on big sales around Prime Day.

Amazon Prime costs $12.99 a month or $119 a year, but is it worth for one day (well, one day-plus now) of sales? That’s a question many people will ask themselves before deciding to sign up for the first time.

Fortunately, we have quiz designed to help you decide if Amazon Prime is right for you.

If you’re a Prime member now and don’t know whether to re-up, you really need to itemize the benefits that you actually use (do you only take advantage of the two-day shipping, for example?).

What you need to know before you renew your Prime membership.


Clark’s take on whether to join Prime for Prime Day 

“What I recommend is that if you start hearing buzz about something that you’d really like to have or need, then sign up for the 30 free trial,” he says.

“You can cancel it within those 30 days and pay nothing, but if you find that you really like the experience, then you could sign up for the year.”

That said, there’s no denying that deals and discounts will be in abundance. Here’s what you need to know about Amazon Prime Day 2019.

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