Which Grocery Store Brand Is Better? We Put Aldi and Lidl to a Taste Test


Discount grocers Aldi and Lidl offer plenty of store brand options to choose from at extremely reasonable prices. That’s why money expert Clark Howard loves them so much. But which grocery store has better food?

To find out, Team Clark bought a few store-brand snacks to put to a taste test.

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Who Has Better Snacks: Aldi or Lidl?

Grace from Team Clark tried tortilla chips with salsa, lemon soda and blueberry breakfast bars from both stores. Watch the video below to see which items are the winners!

See how the prices from compare:

Item Aldi Lidl
Mild Salsa $0.99 $0.99
Tortilla Chips $0.89 $1.19
Lemon Soda $2.49 $2.99
Blueberry Breakfast Bars $1.35 $1.39

Grand Total



As you can see, Aldi gave us a slightly better bang for our buck on these taste test snacks.

Lidl and Aldi both have apps you can download to help with your shopping.

Aldi’s app is a lot like visiting the website: You get info on weekly deals and have the ability to create a shopping list.

The MyLidl app shows you coupons and special offers based on your preferred store location. It also has a recipe section and, like the Aldi app, lets you make a grocery list.

What are your favorite foods from Lidl and Aldi? Let us know in the comments below!


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