6 store brand batteries go head to head and the winner is…


When you’re running around this coming holiday season getting gifts for the kids and other loved ones…don’t forget the batteries too!

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The AA battery champ is…

Consumer Reports recently took a look at which off-brand AA batteries perform the best when put in flaslights and toys.

The results may surprise you…

Battery Price per battery Overall score
CVS Max AA Alkaline 92 cents 82
Kirkland Signature (Costco) AA Alkaline 50 cents 80
Rite Aid Home AA Alkaline $1.20 79
Walgreens W Alkaline Supercell AA 90 cents 71
CVS AA Alkaline $1.07 62
Dynex (Best Buy) High Capacity AA Alkaline 31 cents 60

A couple of things to note here. First, who would have thought that CVS offers a ‘Max’ battery that’s better and cheaper than the standard version?

Second, the magazine reported that the CVS Max got ‘excellent’ scores for use in both flashlights and toys. Costco, Rite Aid and Walgreens all got ‘very good’ scores in both those categories.

But beware if you’re using the CVS AA (standard, not Max) or the Best Buy store brand. The former performs better in toys than in flashlights and the latter only has middling reliability in both toys and flashlights.

Clark has long sung the praises of Costco’s store brand batteries.

‘I cross a line sometimes that is totally wrong. I’ll be in Costco and I’ll see somebody put name-brand batteries in their shopping cart. I know it’s not my place to do so, but I direct them to Kirkland Signature brand anyway,’ he says. ‘Oh, the looks I get when I do that!’

However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t note user feedback we’ve gotten on Clark.com about the Kirland Signature batteries.


Bob Richardson wrote:

‘I’m a Costco fan and normally trust Kirkland branded items. I will no longer buy Kirkland batteries due to leakage issues. I have too many ruined remotes, flashlights and other gadgets due to Kirkland batteries leaking. A leaking battery here and there is not unusual, but such a high percentage of Kirkland batteries have leaked that I am more than willing to pay more for a brand that does not leak…I humbly disagree with Consumer Reports which probably tested power consumption and not leakage over time.’

And Steven Fisher wrote:

‘A disproportionate number of leaking batteries in my house are Kirkland. Considering I buy mostly Duracells in big packs at Costco, and bought Kirkland batteries only once: I have four leaking Kirkland batteries, one leaking Duracell, and one Duracell that looks like it’s about to leak.’

So we’re calling caveat emptor on this one!

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