5 gimmicks to avoid on Black Friday


So, you’re in shopping mode and the holiday music is playing. You find yourself browsing the store, sipping a latte and basking in the glory of the holiday season.

Stop! Take a deep breath and memorize this list of five gimmicks to avoid on Black Friday to keep you on budget this holiday season.

1. Look! It’s in the ad. It must be a great price!

The Black Friday ads are filled with great prices. However, just because it’s in the ad doesn’t mean it’s the best deal. Always check online retailers and compare prices.

2. It’s a great deal! You have to buy it!

Sure that shiny TV is a steal and the hottest new toy is a bargain — but do you need them? Just because something is a great price doesn’t mean it’s on your shopping list. Be proactive and make sure you have a list. Be specific about what you want to buy this holiday season and ignore all of the other deals.

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3. It’s $5 or less. Stock Up!

It’s very easy to overspend on smaller items. Around every corner you might find $5 or less DVDs and socks and scarfs and oh, what a bargain. You can spend your way out of your budget with a number of ‘cheap’ items. Stay focused.

4. It’s almost sold out. Buy now!

Sure, it’s the most popular toy this year. And, yes, everyone wants to have his or her child unwrap that present. Is it what your child wants? Be intentional about who you are buying for. Is it something they want? Is it something they need?

5. Only 5 items left! We have to wait in line! It’s the best deal ever!

Many items on the front page of the ad will sell out quickly. Do you need to wait in line all night, camping out to save $100? Can you shave that off the cost of all the gifts combined and shop smarter and with less stress? I think so.

With everyone vying for your hard earned dollars this holiday season, shop smart and shop with a plan. Avoid the 5 gimmick items above and you’ll be on your way!

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Don’t get ripped off by fake sales!

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