17 things you didn’t know about Costco


Costco‘s consistent dedication to savings combined with their ever-increasing inventory of new products is making this big chain one of the best ways to rack up some savings in your life.

And with consumers today being not only conscious about saving money, Costco is also becoming more and more focused on offering healthier lifestyle options in their aisles.

Costco is one of the best ways that I save on organic and natural food items, but it’s also great for other reasons as well. Here are 17 things you may not have known about Costco Wholesale.

1.    They have coupons.

Ok, so maybe you did know about this. If you have a membership, you get monthly coupons in a flier that you show the cashier to get added discounts.

2.    They have an app for the monthly coupons.

Ever get to the register and forget that monthly coupon flier? In order to get the coupon discounts you need to show them the flier, or you can show them the coupons on the app instead! This saves you time, and you’ll always have those coupons with you!

3.    Costco is adding new organic/natural items all the time.

The company is endeavoring to be a leader in the organic food industry, and I witness this every time I go in and a new organic item is available. You can see a list of the current organic and natural products and prices here.

4.    They have author signings right in the store.

Depending on your location, you could be meeting and getting books signed by some amazing authors! You can see the list of upcoming author signings on their site.

5.    The Kirkland Signature brand is just as good as the national brand.

The rule they go by is that the Kirkland brand has to be just as good if not better than the national brand. And depending on the product, some of the products are sourced from the same suppliers as the national brands.

6.    They provide insurance options for things like life insurance, health insurance, dental, vision, and even auto insurance.

In just one example, the warehouse club is partnering with Aetna for what’s called Costco Personal Health Insurance. Aetna has publicly stated that they will sell five varieties of plans to Costco members cheaper than individuals plans are sold elsewhere. More info here.

7.    They offer water delivery with special discounted Costco prices.

‘The only catch,’ according to AddictedtoCostco.com, ‘is that you must sign up for a one year agreement and you must take delivery of at least three, 5-gallon bottles per four week billing cycle.’


8.    Costco has accounting and payroll services!

Need QuickBooks? Need help with better record keeping? You may want to look into the savings that Costco offers. And if you’re running your own business, they even offer payroll services.

9.    You can get the same or even better deals online.

The website has products and discounts that the store doesn’t.

10.    You can get the wholesale prices with a gift card, without having to purchase a membership.

If you have a friend with a membership, ask them to buy you some gift cards. You can get all the deals and try out the store that way. Be sure to grab your one-day pass, so that the employee at the door will let you in.

11.    Not everything is a good deal.

You may have thought this before, but it is important to look at prices. Sometimes I’m able to get a better deal on things like toilet paper and produce at other stores.

12.    You can get up to $750 in cash back with Costco’s Executive Membership ($110).

If you plan to shop here a lot for your business/home, then this membership choice may be worth the extra cash up front. The regular membership is $55.

13.    The Costco American Express card offers you an additional 1% back.

Combine this with the Executive Membership cash back, and those savings can really add up! This is definitely a good option for the business that will be making the majority of its purchases there.

14.    They have a 100% guarantee on all products, and a 90-day return policy on electronics.

If your food spoils, if you didn’t like something, or you just changed your mind then you can return the product to the store, no questions asked.

15.    They will refund your membership fee if you are unhappy.

If you decide that you want to try them out temporarily and find that the savings just didn’t add up for you, then you can get your membership refunded. Plus, there is no time limit on this! You can ask for this at any point during your year of membership.

16.    There is a markdown aisle!

The location of what I call ‘the magic aisle’ varies by store, so ask a store employee or just explore until you find it. Markdowns in a big discount store? Yes! Be sure to read Clark’s guide to spotting the clearance items at Costco.

17.    They have discounted movie and local attraction tickets, as well as deals for local restaurants.

Those deals aren’t just for gifts! If you want to save on your weekly/monthly cinema experience or local “staycation” plans for the summer, then this is a great way to do it.


What are some of your favorite things about having a Costco membership? Is there anything you don’t like?

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