16 states with back-to-school sales tax holidays in 2017

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If you haven’t already stocked up on back-to-school supplies, you may still be able to take advantage of a sales tax holiday.

More than a dozen states are offering tax-free shopping days this summer, temporarily dropping the state sales tax on back-to-school necessities and other items — from clothing to electronics.

Rules and restrictions vary by state, but these tax holidays are popular with parents who have big summer shopping lists.

Shop tax-free for back-to-school supplies

Money expert Clark Howard’s home state of Georgia no longer has a tax-free weekend, but he wasn’t a big fan of it to begin with because some retailers would plan their ads around the holiday and raise their prices.

To save the most money, he says, stick to a list and look for deals all summer long at various retailers. Clark Deals has you covered!

If you’re planning to do some tax-free shopping anyway, check out this list that WalletHub shared with Clark.com. It has the states, dates and items that qualify, but do check for exemptions.

Keep in mind, the dollar value limits are usually for individual items, not the total purchase.

Here’s a list of the states that are holding back-to-school sales tax holidays this summer:

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Alabama (4.0% tax)

‘ Clothing ($100)
‘ Computers ($750)
‘ School Supplies ($50)
‘ Books ($30)

Dates: 7/21 ‘ 7/23


Read more: Alabama’s sales tax holiday

Arkansas (6.50% tax)

‘ Clothing ($100)
‘ School Supplies (no limit)
‘ Clothing Accessory or Equipment ($50.00)

Dates: 8/5 ‘ 8/6

Read more: Arkansas’ sales tax holiday

Connecticut (6.35% tax)

‘  Clothing and Footwear ($100)

Dates: 8/20 ‘ 8/26

Read more: Connecticut’s sales tax holiday

Florida (6.0% tax)

‘ School Supplies ($15)
‘ Clothing and Footwear ($60)

Dates: 8/4 ‘ 8/6

Read more: Florida’s sales tax holiday


Iowa (6.0% tax)

‘ Clothing and Footwear ($100)

Dates: 8/4 ‘ 8/5

Read more: Iowa’s sales tax holiday

Louisiana* (5.0% tax)

‘ Tangible Personal Property ($2,500)

Dates: 8/4 ‘ 8/5

*Louisiana’s sales tax is reduced from 5% to 3% during this period.

Read more: Louisiana’s sales tax holiday

Maryland (6.0% tax)

‘ Clothing & Footwear ($100)
‘ Backpack or bookbag ($40)

Dates: 8/13 ‘ 8/19

Read more: Maryland’s sales tax holiday


Mississippi (7.0% tax)

‘ Clothing & Footwear ($100)

Dates: 7/28 ‘ 7/29

Read more: Mississippi’s sales tax holiday

Missouri (4.225% tax)

‘ Clothing ($100)
‘ Computers ($1,500), software ($350), peripheral devices ($1,500)
‘ School Supplies ($50)

Dates: 8/4 ‘ 8/6

Read more: Missouri’s sales tax holiday

New Mexico (5.125% tax)

‘ Clothing and footwear ($100)
‘ Computers ($1,000)
‘ Computer Equipment ($500)
‘ School Supplies ($30)

Dates: 8/4 ‘ 8/6

Read more: New Mexico’s sales tax holiday

Ohio (5.75% tax)

‘ Clothing ($75)
‘ School Supplies ($20)
‘ School Instruction Material ($20)


Dates: 8/4 ‘ 8/6

Read more: Ohio’s sales tax holiday

Oklahoma (4.50% tax)

‘ Clothing ($100)

Dates: 8/4 ‘ 8/6

Read more: Oklahoma’s sales tax holiday

South Carolina (6.0% tax)

‘ Clothing (no limit)
‘ School Supplies (no limit)
‘ Computers (no limit)
‘ Other (no limit)

Dates: 8/4 ‘ 8/6

Read more: South Carolina’s sales tax holiday

Tennessee (7.0% tax)

‘ Clothing ($100)
‘ School Supplies ($100)
‘ Computers ($1,500)

Dates: 7/28 ‘ 7/30


Read more: Tennessee’s sales tax holiday

Texas (6.25% tax)

‘ Clothing, Backpacks and School Supplies ($100)

Dates: 8/11 – 8/13

Read more: Texas’ sales tax holiday

Virginia (5.30% tax)

‘ Clothing ($100)
‘ School Supplies ($20)

Dates: 8/4 ‘ 8/6

Read more: Virginia’s sales tax holiday

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