10MinuteMail gives you a temporary e-mail for shopping


When you’re shopping or browsing online, some websites insist you provide an email address just to access the site. Problem is, that sometimes creates an avalanche of spam in your inbox. Now, thanks to a new website called 10MinuteMail.com, you can access that shopping site without a subsequent influx of spam.

You get a free temporary e-mail address

With 10MinuteMail, you are assigned a temporary e-mail address the minute you log on to the site. It lasts for 10 minutes, as the name suggests, which gives you just long enough to validate yourself at a variety of websites. You get an inbox and an honest-to-goodness temporary e-mail address. After 10 minutes…poof! It’s gone! Think of it as the Snapchat of the e-mail world.

What if you need longer than 10 minutes to do whatever it is you have to do? Simply click the ‘I need more time’ link and the countdown clock will be reset for another 10 minutes.

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I should note that if you’re trying this from a work computer, it may be blocked by your employer’s network. If that’s the case, just try it on your phone and it should work.

You can also try any of a variety of its competitors, including Mailinator, Guerrilla Mail, Dispostable and many others.

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Clark Deals
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