Warning: New phone scam targets DirecTV customers


Potential new and existing DirecTV customers need to know about a sneaky phone scam that could drain your bank account.

On the radio show, money expert Clark Howard explained that fraudsters are calling people up and offering special deals for satellite TV service.

What’s the catch? The scammers say you have to prepay for six months of service with an Amazon gift card.

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Phone scam targets DirecTV customers

Existing DirecTV customers who’ve fallen for the scam learn that they’ve been taken advantage of when their next bill comes in the mail and there’s no credit.

NBC Dallas reports that a school teacher fell for this scam when someone pretending to be with DirecTV called her and promised to reduce her bill to $60 per month if she paid six months upfront.

She bought a $338 Amazon gift card from a drug store and gave the gift card number to the scammer over the phone.

The victim got suspicious when she was offered another promotion to save on her AT&T cell phone bill, so she Googled “DirecTV Amazon Gift Card” and realized it was all a scam.

Phone scams often utilize caller ID spoofing. It allows the bad guys to appear as though they’re calling from a reputable company — such as AT&T-owned DirecTV — when that’s not the case.

This is one reason why a lot of folks let calls from anyone they don’t personally know go directly to voicemail.


“Do not trust that someone calling you on the phone pretending to be a solicitor from the pay TV service is actually with them when it turns around that they want information from you like a credit card number, debit card number or anything like that,” Clark said. “You are one step away from being scammed and that’s absolutely Clarkrageous for your wallet. Be aware of that because there’s no way that you’re ever getting your money back.”

In a statement to NBC Dallas, AT&T said customers should be skeptical about any promotion from a company where a money card is required.

If you have any suspicions, your best bet is to call the number that’s on your bill.

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Listen to Clark talk about this scam on The Clark Howard Show Podcast

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