Beware of this Walmart secret shopper offer that’s really a scam!

Beware of this Walmart secret shopper offer that’s really a scam!
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A scammer sent Charles Gouge a check for almost $2,000 that looked real, complete with Walmart’s logo, watermarks, a perforated edge and routing and account numbers. 

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Red flags that point to a scam

There were some red flags, though, on the check.  It said Wachovia, a bank that ceased to exist eight years ago.

The check came with a convoluted letter, saying Gouge got the job to be a secret shopper for Walmart.

walmart secret shopper scam stealing peoples money

The letter told him to go to a certain website and create an account, which appeared to be a scam phishing for personal information.

Walmart told WSOC reporter Jason Stoogenke it never hires secret shoppers.
Not to mention the fact that Gouge wasn’t looking for a job. 
‘I don’t remember signing up for anything or doing anything,’ he said. 

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Gouge didn’t pursue it, but is worried others will.
‘Nobody likes to pass up on a check that’s sent in the mail to you,’ Gouge said. 
Scammers try variations of this con all the time. 

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