Waist trainer promoted by Kardashians settles $5 million lawsuit


The Kardashians’ millions of fans on social media have probably seen them posing in pictures wearing waist trainers by Waist Gang Society.

Well, that company just settled a $5 million class action lawsuit, the Daily Mail reports.

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Kardashian-approved waist trainers involved in lawsuit

On its website, Waist Gang Society says it sells waist trainers that can “keep you sexy and confident.” And Kim Kardashian West is prominently featured on the reviews page:

“I’ve been Waist Training with Premadonna from the very start and I love the results I get. Keeping the inches off and bringing out the killer curves.’

PreMadonna is the Miami-based founder of Waist Gang Society, according to her Instagram profile.

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Back in March, one customer filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming the product didn’t burn fat and control weight as promised, the Daily Mail reports. But now, the suit has been settled.

According to the Daily Mail, an undisclosed agreement has been reached and the allegations have been dismissed.


The Kardashians were not part of the lawsuit whatsoever, but several members of the family have endorsed the corsets on social media and even in television interviews.

They retail for between about $40 and $150.

While it appears the Kardashians have personal ties with company’s owner, we know that celebrities, athletes and other people with lots of social media followers can get paid to post.

According to Page Six, an unnamed marketing insider said the Kardashians can make $200,000 to $400,000 for Instagram campaigns.

While some stars may disclose which posts are ads, most don’t bother. So when you’re scrolling through your feed and you get a feeling that a post seems like a sales pitch, it just might be.

Before you buy anything they’re promoting, do your homework by checking reviews from several sources.

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