Warning: This Netflix scam could empty your bank account


If you have a Netflix account, you need to know about a convincing new scam that could leave you with an empty bank account.

The Guardian reports that bogus emails from [email protected] are going out to subscribers to let them know that their billing information must be updated.

Do not fall for this Netflix scam

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An email link directs users to a fake Netflix website where they’re asked to enter payment details. Bad idea! 

Victims of the scam, which has reportedly targeted Netflix subscribers in the U.K., end up giving their credit or debit card information to scammers — not Netflix.

If this email scam happens to spread to the U.S., do not click on the link in the email! 

Instead, go directly to Netflix’s official website and log in to your account to see if you truly need to update your billing information. You can also call the customer service number listed on Netflix.com, 866-579-7172.

These are good rules to follow anytime you receive an email asking for personal information, not just with this scam.

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