Beware of Facebook games that could steal your info

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Those fun apps and games on Facebook may look innocent enough, but did you know that many of them can take over your Facebook profile and even gain access to your computer and sensitive financial data?

How it works

KCTV5 News reports that when you click on links to Facebook apps, it could actually turn into something very risky.

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Kansas City Better Business Bureau’s Aaron Reece warns of malware hiding in these apps.

‘It can devolve into something rather dangerous. You could accidentally download malware from an un-trusted site, they can start posting things for you and trick other people. It can get pretty bad pretty quick.’

In fact, some of these apps ‘not only can access your information, they can also grab data from your friends’ profiles, depending on their privacy settings,’ according to a report from PCWorld.

Here’s an example from of what information you may (unknowingly) be sharing with Facebook apps and games:

Beware of Facebook games that could steal your info

Malware can gain access to financial data on your computer 

These apps — and potential scammers — can even gain access to your financial accounts, says Reece.

‘They can steal money from your account if they get access to your computer via malware. There are so many things that can do badly just by clicking (I accept) on something.’


Plus, if scammers get access to your even your basic information, they’re one step closer to having what they need to steal your identity — and your money.

How to remove an app from your Facebook profile

Before you accept any app on Facebook (or any other social networking site), you should be careful to make sure you read the terms of privacy. If there is anything you don’t like, don’t allow the app.

If you’ve already allowed several of these apps access to your account, it’s a good idea to delete the apps you don’t want.

Here’s how to do it: 

  • When you’re logged into Facebook, click on ‘Settings,’ then ‘Apps.’
  • A list of the apps you’ve allowed appears.
  • From here, either edit the app, or delete the ones you don’t want.

How much are you worth to Facebook?

They might look fun, but be sure to avoid clicking on Facebook promotions that can put your computer, your account and your Facebook friends at risk.

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