Social Security Administration name being used in new scam


If you’re receiving Social Security or have relatives who are, you’re going to want to be aware of this hot new scam.

Beware of this new SSA scam

Social Security Administration name being used in new scam

People are getting emails that pretend to be from the Social Security Administration (SSA) with the subject line ‘Get Protected,’ according to the Federal Trade Commission.

The gist of the e-mail is that the government is offering to protect your personal info and prevent people from stealing your identity.

The text in the body of the e-mail may mention the Safe Act of 2015, which gives it an air of legitimacy. There is also a link you can click on to get the supposed protection being offered by the SSA.

But you know the drill by now: If you click on that link that supposedly takes you to the SSA site, a keylogger virus is downloaded on your computer that allows crooks to gather your personal info as you type.

You’re also redirected to what appears to be the SSA site where you’re prompted to register for more info on the special protection plan. Doing so only further gives the crooks the personal info they need to steal from you.

So this e-mail is the exact opposite of what it pretends to be! It’s not from the government, and it’s definitely not to protect you. It just another attempt by the crooks to masquerade as good guys and steal from you.

Unfortunately, Social Security recipients are the most at risk in this scam, and they’re also the most likely to be trusting and comply with what the crooks want. It’s your job to make sure you protect any senior loved ones who may get this e-mail.

If someone has already clicked on the link in these e-mails, then their computer needs to be wiped clean with an antivirus program.


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Be careful. Be aware. The government is not sending these e-mails. Those who do send them are causing the very havoc they claim to prevent!

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