Skype users face new malware threat

Skype users face new malware threat
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If you’re one of the many hundreds of millions of Skype users, there’s a new virus you need to know about.

Beware of a message that shows up saying something to the effect of, ‘lol is this your new profile pic?’ If you click on it, you will download a potent version of malware onto your computer.

The so-called “Dorkbot” virus will take over your computer and turn it into a spam ‘bot that launches denial of service attacks to shut down certain websites. It can also steal your log-in and password info for various financial websites.

This is just the latest in what seems like an endless wave of hacking problems. Cyber-thieves can take on a different giant financial institution a day it seems.

Capital One is now the latest to have been hit by cyber-attack. That attack resulted in service disruption, though no customer info was believed to have been compromised.

If you’re concerned about cyber-attack, follow my two key rules:

  • Run a good, free anti-virus program on your computer.
  • For small businesses, get a dedicated computer for financial transactions. No surfing the web on your dedicated computer. No e-mailing, no Facebook, and no Twitter.
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