Septic tank system scam targeted seniors


Con artists stole $1 million from people by convincing them they needed specially formulated toilet paper to comply with new government regulations.

When I read about various scams out there, sometimes they’re so far beyond belief that I can’t understand how criminals think these things up!

In this case, the cons were telling people who had septic tanks at home — many of them senior citizens — that the law changed regarding toilet paper. Furthermore, the seniors were told that unless they bought their product, they would ruin their tanks and have to spend big bucks to get them fixed later.

First, let me say that some types of toilet paper are marked “not safe for septic systems,” that much is true. But most major brands now are in fact safe.

The crooks conned some seniors into buying a 70-year supply of their toilet paper product. They even had an ‘idiot list’ for reloads, according to, meaning they would call people up who fell for it once and try to milk them for more money. It’s all unconscionably disgusting in my book.

Three of cons charged with running this scheme have pled guilty and may spend a long time in prison, using prison issue toilet paper!

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