Scam e-mails circulating about the royal wedding


RIP-OFF ALERT: With all the media frenzy surrounding the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, I want to remind you to be on guard about scammy e-mail come-ons related to the nuptials. reports that dangerous e-mails with subject lines like “Kate’s Wedding Dress Details – Leaked!” and “Prince William’s Bachelor Party Photos!” are popping up in people’s inboxes. If you click on these phishing attempts, you’re likely to download malware that helps criminals steal your credit card info; steal your identity to open new lines of credit in your name; or even take over your computer and use it as a spam bot.

The takeaway here is simple: Don’t open any e-mails about the royal wedding or you’ll be opening a Pandora’s box of viruses that can infect your computer.   

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