Political scam alert: Do not answer phone calls from these 10 area codes!


With the midterm elections right around the corner on November 6, Americans are getting more and more political-related phone calls these days — including some that are scams!

Political scam calls are on the rise! Here’s how to protect yourself

In fact, the spam blocking app Hiya reports that political scam calls are up 56% compared to this time last year and that number is only expected to rise.

“Americans now more than ever need to be cautious of unexpected calls as these scammers hit up everyone, no matter their political party affiliation,” said Jonathan Nelson, director of product management at Hiya. “Given the political climate, we expect political calls to consumers to skyrocket. Scammers will use any tactic to steal the identity and money of unsuspecting Americans, especially during this midterm season.”
According to Hiya’s analysis of 5.3 billion spam calls each month, scammers are at work across the country. Here are the top 10 area codes where scam calls seem to originate:
  1. 202 – Washington, D.C.
  2. 256 – Alabama (Northern and Eastern)
  3. 419 – Ohio (Northwest)
  4. 614 – Columbus, Ohio
  5. 517 – Michigan (South Central – Lansing, Charlotte)
  6. 205 – Birmingham, Alabama
  7. 470 – Atlanta, Georgia
  8. 678 – Atlanta, Georgia
  9. 239 – Florida (Southwest)
  10. 281 – Houston, Texas

The most common types of political scam calls are voting campaigns, political charity/donation scams and political surveys where scammers ask for your personal or financial information.

To avoid being ripped off, you can download an app like Hiya that will block known spam and scam numbers.

Here’s another solution: If you’re not expecting a call from someone, don’t pick up the phone. If it’s someone you know, they can leave a message or text you to call them right back.

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