Online shopping safety tip: Only use one card!


With chip technology, it has become increasingly difficult for criminals to steal our credit card information when we’re shopping in stores. However, this doesn’t mean we’re safe. There has been an increasing amount of credit card theft happening online. In fact, according to Aite Group, the majority of fraud happens online.

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Internet scams are becoming harder to spot so it is important to take the right steps protect yourself from the online hackers. And one way to do this is by using only one card to shop online.

Why you should use one card to shop online

Using only one card will make it much easier to monitor your transactions. Check your bank statements daily so you can identify any unusual transactions and contact your bank right away. Also, use a card that you don’t use very often. That way if your card is compromised, you aren’t stuck without the card you use to make your most important transactions.

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