Not checking your statement leads to a $4,000 mistake

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One disgruntled Bank of America customer is complaining of questionable sales practices surrounding credit card protection policies.

David Lazarus of The Los Angeles Times  reports a 60-year-old man named Craig Chatfelter was billed more than $4,000 over 19 months for a program he says he never signed up for.

The bank claims that Chatfelter verbally agreed to enroll in the program that promised to waive up to 18 months of credit card payments if you are hospitalized or lose your job.

At stake is whether or not Bank of America can produce a tape of the phone call where Chatfelter supposedly agreed to sign up for the program.

Chatfelter had several correspondences with Bank of America and asked for proof of his alleged approval during each of them. This reasonable request was roundly rebuffed each time.

The bank did agree to waive about $1,200 of the $4,000 they say Chatfelter owes. And they have since gotten out of the credit card protection policy business. But they remain curiously mum on producing the tape of Chatfelter signing up for the program.

Hmmm, now why in the world would that be the case?!

Of course, there’s another issue here: You must check your statements each and every month so something like this doesn’t happen in your life. Nobody else will do it for you!