Fake Soldier Allegedly Cheats Woman out of Nearly $19K


By WTVD/Atlanta Journal Constitution

Melinda Flowers told ABC affiliate WTVD she met a man claiming to be a soldier in Afghanistan on an online dating site.

Learn the hallmarks of this classic wire transfer scam

‘So they held it for ten days, called me up and said, ‘oh the check’s fine, we had it confirmed by U.S. Bank,” Flowers said.

Flowers said since the bank told her the check was good, she did what the man asked and wired money to his two lawyers. Something unexpected happened shortly after.

‘So then I got a call a day or two after that, after I deposited the money into the accounts that, oops, the money was not there after all,’ she said. ‘And so you now owe us $18,900.’

She then had to take out a loan to pay all of the money back. SunTrust closed her account.

The bank said since the check was deposited in her account Flowers is responsible.


WTVD did a Google search of the man Flowers met and found the same pictures he sent to her were also reportedly used on numerous scams involving dating sites.

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