Is that great Facebook offer really a scam?


Facebook is such a great way to reconnect with people to find long lost friends, and to make new ones. But because Facebook is so easy to use, you know who else is getting all into Facebook? Criminals, crooks, con artists.

You may have seen one sent to you by family or friends on Facebook about getting two free airline tickets on Southwest Airlines and it’s something that you can spread like wild fire among your Facebook followers and friends.

But guess what? It’s not from Southwest. There are no free tickets on Southwest. The whole thing is a way just to capture information from you and get your permission in the terms of service to spam you relentlessly with various offers. Be very careful any time anything is sent to you. Even by one of your good friends on Facebook that says “hey just do this, complete this, go to this website and you’re going to get this, that, or the other for free.” Usually what you’re going to get — in fact almost always — is just a headache. I’m Clark Howard.

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