How to avoid Fedex, UPS, & USPS email scams targeting some customers


An email scam affecting FedEx, UPS and U.S. Postal Service customers is taking advantage of an increase in package shipments during the holiday season.

KMOV reported that the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center is warning consumers about a fraudulent email scam.

The emails claim to be from one of the three organizations and say that a package cannot be delivered. The messages contain a link that users are prompted to click in order to get an invoice to pick up the package, but the link is spoofed and goes to a website set up to steal the user’s information, according to FBI officials.

According to the FedEx Customer Protection Center, customers who get fraudulent emails or who come across suspicious websites should forward them to [email protected] It also recommends immediately contacting your bank if interaction with fraudulent sites or emails have led of financial loss.

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More information on how to report fraud to the company can be found on the FedEx website.

USPS customers can report a phishing attempt by not clicking on any links and forwarding the message to the CyberSecurity Operations Center at [email protected] The suspicious message should be deleted right after.

Suspicious emails purporting to be from UPS should be deleted, according to the UPS website. Customers should not follow any links or click any attachments.

“If you’ve accidentally selected a link, you should run a virus scan immediately,” the site said.


Examples of suspicious UPS emails are available on the UPS website.

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