Free movie downloads may conceal viruses


RIP-OFF ALERT: Summer blockbuster season is here, but read this warning first before you click around the web looking for trailers of hot movies you want to see.

My executive producer Christa told me about an article she read in Real Simple  magazine that detailed the dangers of free movie downloads. Offers of sneak trailers or even of an entire film for download can hide viruses. (Trailers found directly at a film’s official website are generally safe.)

If you take the bait, the virus can load a keylogger onto your computer that captures every keystroke you type going forward. With your usernames and passwords in a criminal’s hands, they can then use your computer as a bot to spam others or even take over your online accounts.

The same warning applies to any form of unknown audio or multimedia download, such as a leaked album from a dubious source. Treat it as a threat and know that you need to avoid the temptation to click.

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