Watch out for this fake Aldi gift card scam!


Yet another coupon scam is making the rounds, this time involving the low-cost grocer Aldi

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Aldi is not offering a $75 gift coupon to celebrate its 125th anniversary

According to Facebook users, the fake coupon circulating on social media offers customers a $75 gift card, in celebration of Aldi’s 125th anniversary.

This is what Aldi had to say about it on its official Facebook page:

This is what the coupon looks like, thanks to

Watch out for the this fake Aldi coupon scam!

If you see the coupon, be sure to report it as spam! Though Aldi does sometimes offer its own coupons, this one is definitely a fake. Additionally, Aldi does not accept manufacturers coupons, since its prices are already so low. 

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