Craigslist Safety Tips – Part 1


TRANSCRIPT: It’s been so upsetting the gruesome crimes that have occurred with people transacting on Craigslist. I want to make it clear this is not Craigslist’s fault. Criminals pose as legit buyers or sellers., meet you, and let’s say you’re buying something you think they are selling, they steal your cash. Or in reverse, you’re the seller, they steal the merchandise from you. Often at knife point or gun point and sometimes resulting in tragic death.
So, what should you do using Craigslist? Because it is a legit way to get deals on thing. Do the transactions at police stations. More and more places around the country, the police are actively encouraging you to come inside the precinct houses, but even if the police department is not cooperative on that do the transaction in the police department parking lot. A crook’s not gonna show. you may not get a sale, but you’ll be safe.
There’s another way you can be safe that I wanna share with you in tomorrow’s tip about another way people are dealing with the Craigslist crimes. I’m Clark Howard.

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