Child modeling and acting scams still as popular as ever

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Do you have a child who you think may have a promising career in modeling or acting? There’s a right way to go about getting them into the industry and a wrong way!

Here’s how modeling and acting scams typically work

When Clark did his first book in 1993, he had a write-up on modeling and acting scams that even back then were oldies but baddies that just wouldn’t go away. Now we’re a whole generation later and modeling and acting scams are just as active now as they were 23 years ago. Obviously hope springs eternal among young people looking for the limelight and a glitzy life!

The people behind these operations go from city to city, renting hotel ballrooms where they stage ‘Dare To Be Great’ presentations about how young people can get involved in the field. Who knows? You might get to be as famous as, like, the Kardashians or something.

When these scam operators pull into a new city, they’ll do saturation bombing advertisements that push their upcoming ‘talent call.’ If you show up in person, you’ll hear a spiel about the limos and the lifestyle, the glitz and glamour”¦along with a warning that not everybody has the look or the talent they want.

Then they do this selection process where they send people away and tell those who remain that they’ve made the first cut. Great! But to proceed any further, you have to pay for an evaluation, headshots, tuition fees for classes and other sundries.

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Here’s a sample text from the scammers

Recently, one of our staffers received a text message from some unsavory players in the modeling and acting business. Here it is reprinted in its entirety with the original spacing and misspellings left intact. Pay close attention to how it references legitimate business like Barbizon Modeling and Acting, Macy’s, Old Navy and Target.

We have been trying to reach you  Sorry for the late notice.   Your daughter filled out an interest card at one of our kiosks and the girls at the kiosk said that she was definitely someone we should look at when we fly to your area, so, I would like to invite you and your daughter to a free information  session and an interview on Saturday the 9th of January in Marietta. We will only be there for one day.   I am looking for girls interested in doing fashion shows, hair shows, commercials, acting and modelling opportunities with our clients like Target, Macy’s and Old Navy . Please call me today  so that I can give you the details and an appointment time
Thank you
Barbizon USA, LLC.
http:/Barbizonmodelingandacting. Com

Know that you know what one of the pitches looks like, you can be on your guard!

Resist the temptation to bring your kids to these kinds of hotel ballroom con jobs. If you have a child who is interested in this field, try what Clark recommends: Get them involved in a community theater. It can serve as a great springboard for them to develop their chops and see what kind of talent they really have.

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