Beware of this Kroger coupon scam


The grocery coupon scams are heating up on Facebook again! Just a few weeks after we first told you about an Aldi coupon scam and a Publix coupon scam, Kroger is the latest to have its name and image appropriated by scammers.

How the scam works

People are being asked to share and comment on this bogus coupon to receive a $200 off a grocery purchase of $220. (Yeah, right!)

If this one plays out like the bogus Aldi and Publix scams before it, all that you’ll receive is offers to sign up for credit cards and other subscriptions.

The image used on the post features Kroger’s logo and looks otherwise legit.

However, Kroger released a statement completely disavowing this offer. 

Attention Kroger Customers: There is currently an unauthorized ‘Save $200 when you spend $220 or more in one transaction’ offer circulating. This giveaway is not affiliated with or supported by the Kroger Co. in any way. We recommend not engaging with the site(s) that offer links to the coupon, or providing them with any personal information. Our team is actively working with Facebook and domain service providers to address the concern.

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How to ferret out the bogus Facebook click-and-share deals

The Better Business Bureau told WSYR that anyone can copy a brand, and that logos are easily available online. 

How can you protect yourself on Facebook click-and-share deals?

The BBB says use a double-window technique, keeping the offer open in one window, while researching it in the second.

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