Beware of a fake Kohl’s coupon circulating on social media


A fake coupon for retail store Kohl’s is spreading on social media, and reads as being too good to be true.

WBAY reported that the coupon offers $75 off of any purchase of $80 or more.

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Fake coupon photo

The coupon also says the offer is valid until ‘May 31-Tuesday 2016.’

Even the writing of the date seems questionable, as most coupon experiences have the day of the week written before the month, date and year.

WBAY reported that one way to spot the fake coupon is by looking at the web address on the coupon. In the one above, it says

This is only the latest in a string of fake coupons promising big savings at popular stores.

With any offer online that promises a good deal, it helps to read the fine print and pick apart the details.

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